Xenia Tsolaki Metaxa Private Institute and Exam Center was founded in 1989, by Xenia Tsolaki Metaxa upon her return from N.Y. where she completed her studies. Always being a dreamer and a doer, she longed to create a school which would house her excitement and love for children, for the English Language and for education in general. Holding degrees in English Literature, Teaching English as a Second Language and Education enabled her to create a miracle here in the small island of Cyprus.


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25-06-2016 asd


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20-05-2016 Τιμητική Διάκριση για την Δρ Ξένια Τσολάκη Μεταξά

 Δύο ιστορίες της κύπριας ερευνήτριας και καθηγήτριας Αγγλικών Δρ. Ξένιας Τσολάκη Μεταξά επιλέγηκαν από το ΤESOL International Association.


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19-05-2016 XTMPI Art Exhibition May 2016

 We invite you the Exhibition of our GCSE and A' Level students' artworks. Friday 27th of May from 7:00pm until 10:30pm at NeMe Arts Centre.

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Lonely (CD Single)

Lonely (CD Single)

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